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Cultivating a Connection to Kentucky’s Farms

Deeply rooted in Kentucky soil, raised right on Kentucky farms

Established in 2002 as a central platform to promote Kentucky’s farms and farm products, Kentucky Proud is the official agricultural marketing brand of the Commonwealth. Learn more about Kentucky Proud, what we do, and why we’re so eager to introduce you to the very best from Kentucky’s farms.

“Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.”
– Daniel Boone

Farm Fresh Features

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Farmers' Markets Season is Here

Spring is here in the Commonwealth and so are farmers' markets! Visit one of 172 farmers' markets throughout the state to find meats, produce, artisanal goods, crafts, and more.

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Buy Local

The best meals are made with ingredients fresh from the farm. Treat yourself (and your taste buds) to a uniquely local dining experience and let someone else do the cooking for you.

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What is Kentucky Proud?

For generations, Kentucky farmers have bred the best racehorses, grown grains and corn to make the world’s greatest bourbon, and kept families fed here at home and across the country. Farming isn’t easy, but it is essential. Here at Kentucky Proud, we’re all about the continued promotion of agricultural products sourced from Kentucky’s farms.

Kentucky Proud products are raised, grown, or processed in Kentucky by Kentuckians. You can serve Kentucky Proud foods or purchase Kentucky Proud products with the confidence that they came from your friends and neighbors just down the road — not from thousands of miles away.

Get to Know Us
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Find Kentucky Proud

If it has roots on a Kentucky farm, you can find it on Kentucky Proud. From fresh produce to meats and sweet treats, local restaurants, retailers, and quality products made right here in the Commonwealth, search our database of member businesses and find the wide array of exciting goods they offer.

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A Kentucky Sip

Enjoy sipples of craft brews, bourbons, and wines made right here in Kentucky at a destination near you. Explore today.

Feed The Party

In partnership with Feed the Party, shop a variety of Kentucky Proud boxes filled with an assortment of farm-fresh ingredients delivered straight to you.

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Kentucky Proud Membership

Seasonal promotions, grants, marketing assistance, and so much more. If you own a business and are interested in becoming Kentucky Proud member, apply for membership now!

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Kentucky Proud FAQs

What is Kentucky Proud?

Introduced by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in 2002, the Kentucky Proud brand (which was originally called Kentucky Fresh) was created as a central platform to raise awareness of the Commonwealth’s ever-expanding agricultural industry and to promote Kentucky’s farm families and farm products. In 2008, Kentucky Proud became the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s official agricultural marketing brand by legislative action (KRS 260.017).

What does Kentucky Proud do?

Kentucky Proud promotes locally grown food, farmers’ markets, farm stands, agritourism sites, and many other products and destinations with roots in Kentucky soil. Kentucky Proud products are raised, grown, manufactured, or processed in Kentucky by Kentuckians (KRS 260.016).

How is Kentucky Proud funded?

The Kentucky Proud program is funded through the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund. Directed by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board and administered by the Kentucky Office of Agricultural Policy, the fund is a product of the 1998 Master Tobacco Settlement between cigarette manufacturers and 46 states, including Kentucky.

Why is Kentucky Proud necessary?

More than 75% of our members are made up of small family farms. Kentucky Proud is a centralized marketing platform that helps elevate consumer recognition of local businesses and local farm products.

What does Kentucky Proud make?

Kentucky Proud is the marketing brand for agriculture across the Commonwealth, but we don’t actually make or produce anything (aside from really great marketing). Instead, we promote Kentucky farms and the farm products that our member businesses create. When you see the Kentucky Proud logo, you can be assured those products are raised, grown, manufactured, or processed in Kentucky by Kentuckians.