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Kentucky Proud means fresh, delicious foods that you can serve to your family with confidence. It means cut flowers to dress up any home. It means crafts made by skilled artisans. Now you can find any Kentucky Proud member with a tap on your mobile device.

The Kentucky Proud Locater app enables you to find any Kentucky Proud producer, retailer, restaurant, processor, breeder, farmers' market or winery. You can search by City, County, Product, or Business Type. Each entry gives you the information you need to call or email a member or plot their location with your device's GPS.

Looking for Kentucky Proud members near you? The Kentucky Proud Locater app uses your current location to show you who and where they are. It also will give you a map and directions to the location of the member of your choice. The Kentucky Proud Locater app is your guide to great Kentucky Proud products.

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