Kentucky Proud foods and drinks were served at the Governor's Reception Oct. 10 at the Norton Center in Danville prior to the vice presidential debate on Oct. 11. It's another in a long line of opportunities to get great Kentucky Proud products in front of a global audience.

Kentucky Proud has been to the Kentucky Derby, the presidential and gubernatorial inauguration balls, The Masters golf tournament, and many other events that attract a high-profile audience. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was served a Kentucky Proud meal prior to the 2007 Derby.

Foods, beverages, and destinations that fly the Kentucky Proud banner have received numerous accolades. Washington Post columnist Robin Soslow recently wrote about Lexington's farmers' market scene. Kentucky Proud wines have claimed hundreds of medals in competitions throughout the nation; in January, Jean Farris Winery and Bistro of Lexington raised the bar by taking a double gold medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the nation's largest competition of American wines. Time magazine writer Joel Stein gave an emphatic thumbs-up to the Celebration White wine from Equus Run Vineyards of Midway in 2008. A marketing campaign about Kentucky's grape and wine industry earned numerous awards.

Positive reviews and honors for Kentucky Proud products reflect on everything that carries the red, green, and blue brand. 'A rising tide lifts all boats,' so to speak. Kentucky Proud members can help themselves and each other by seeking out opportunities to put their products to the test in front of competition judges or out-of-town guests at major events.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture's marketing office can help. Our marketing specialists connect producers with businesses, competitions, and events; help businesses exhibit at trade shows; provide cost share funds for restaurants that buy Kentucky Proud foods; offer Kentucky Proud promotional items to members at cost, and provide many other services. Call (502) 564-4983 today and find out how Kentucky Proud can help you.